About Us

Independent Saw Works began operating in a small workshop in Brompton, Adelaide in 1976 sharpening and selling Bandsaw Blades and Handsaws for the Timber, Metalworking and Meat industries.

Shortly after, we expanded our operations to include sharpening of cold saws, slitting saws, milling cutters and machine shop tools. By 1984 we had outgrown the Brompton workshop and moved to the present site in Croydon Park.

To continue to meet growing customer demand we invested in several tool and cutter grinders, a CNC carbide tip saw sharpening machine and a number of special purpose grinders. Further opportunity saw the acquisition of a number of bread blade sharpening machines and now we are the only company in SA sharpening bread blades for the Bakery Industry.

Our machinery and experience provides for a wide range of capabilities allowing us to sharpen all types of Industrial, Commercial and Domestic saws, cutters, knives, blades, scissors, drills, garden tools, chainsaw blades and much more.

We are also a leading retailer of cutting equipment for Timber, Metal and Meat for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications. We have also helped many businesses and the public with special one off grinding applications to solve their problems.

To ensure complete support for our customers we also supply cutting fluids, oils, new tools and blades and free advice on cutting speeds and feeds and lubrication requirements to suit your application.

For more information or a no obligation quote please call us on: (08) 8346 8079

Our opening hours are : 8.00 am - 4.30 pm Monday - Friday


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