Independent Saw Works

Independent Saw Works provides a wide range of sharpening and grinding services to meet the demands of most Commercial, Industrial and Domestic applications.

also carry out custom grinding of special purpose and unique Cutting Edge, so if you have a sharpening, cutting or grinding problem, give us a call.

Our comprehensive range of new machinery, tools, blades, cutters, abrasives and coolant will provide you with what you need. Please see our products page for a list of items.

If cutting bread is your thing then we can help. We have been sharpening and supplying new Bread Slicer Blades to city and country bakeries for over 14 years. We are the only South Australian company that sharpens bread slicer blades. This means you can get sharp blades when you need them without having to wait for product from interstate.

Did you know your blades can be sharpened up to six times, saving you time and money? We can establish a regular maintenance program for your blades so you always have the sharpest blades and the cleanest cut.

Cutting edge life

Correct care and maintenance of your tooling can prolong its life and reduce tool replacement costs. The following factors have a significant impact on tool life, product quality and output;

  • Machine speed and feed rates
  • Depth of cut
  • Correct cutting fluid
  • Cutting face angle and clearance angle
  • Blade material relative to material being cut

The key to reducing costs is to select the correct cutting tool for the job, maintain the cutting edge as long as possible by managing the factors stated above and then re-sharpening.

We will provide professional advice to help you select the right tool for the job and the best process to achieve the results you need, all at no extra cost.

Range of Industries and Business types Supported


  • Mining
  • Engineering and Automotive
  • Timber Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Pipe and Steel Fabrication
  • Food Processing
  • Building and Maintenance
  • Motor Body Builders
  • Marine and Boat Building
  • Furniture and Cabinet Mfr


  • Bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Butchers
  • Landscape and Garden
  • Restaurants
  • Farm Maintenance
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Council Maintenance
  • Salvage
  • Picture Framers


  • Household
  • Workshop
  • Garden
  • Hobbies
  • Renovation
  • Restoration
  • Lawn Mower Service

Range of items sharpened

  • Band Saws
  • Cold Saws
  • Circular Saws Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)
  • Slitting Saws
  • Hole Saws TCT and HSS
  • Guillotine Blades
  • Knives (all types)
  • Meat Mincer Knives / Plates
  • Meat Slicing Blades
  • Bread Slicing Blades
  • Blender / Mixer Blades
  • Hand Saws
  • Hole Saws

Independent Saw Works
  • Broach Cutters / Core drills
  • Punch and Die Sets
  • Stillsons / Pipe Wrenches
  • Thread Dies / Chasers
  • Taps and Dies
  • Forstner Bits
  • Drill Bits
  • Masonry Drills
  • Router Bits
  • Wood Chisels
  • Hand and Electric Plane Blades
  • Chainsaw Blades
  • Hedge Clippers Gras Shears
  • Spades / Shovels
Independent Saw Works
  • Lawn Mower Blades (rotary & barrel)
  • Lawn Edger Blades
  • Mattocks
  • Garden Hoes
  • Tree Pruners
  • Pruning Saws
  • Pruning Snips
  • Axes / Tomahawks
  • Scissors
  • Hair Clippers
  • End Mills
  • Side and Face Cutters
  • Slot Drills

Independent Saw Works